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At Revelation, we believe that we sell more than luggage: we sell adventure. Revelation already makes great looking products at a great price, but now the team are devising new plans to take us on the next stage of our journey



Here's a little about our past

Our story starts in 1923 when the original Revelation store at 170 Piccadilly, London, opened its doors. We were early pioneers in luggage development, and in 1926 the expandable Revelation was introduced, earning the title, ‘the ultimate achievement in suitcases’.

In the 1950’s, the Royal Warrant was renewed by the Duke of Windsor, formally Edward VIII, who was widely recognised as a trendsetter in sartorial style. Even James Bond, 007 himself, was revealed as a Revelation fan. His creator, Ian Fleming, tells us about Bond’s ‘wellloved pigskin Revelation suitcase’ in the 1957 book ‘Diamonds are Forever’.

In 1974, Antler acquired the Revelation brand and they still remain Revelation’s proud owners to this day. At a similar time, the destination for family holidays changed from a UKbased trip to flying abroad more regularly, and so gave Revelation access to a wider audience.

In 2013, we introduced our Weightless range. Its innovative construction made the collection our lightest ever, coming in at only 2.1kg for the large suitcase, and set the standard for lightweight product in the marketplace. Weightless has become the mainstay of our product line, and continues to offer an unsurpassable mix of function and fashion.


Designed in London - Inspired by the World

Is our brand philosophy. We are proud of our London home and heritage, but we continue to explore and seek out new adventures across the rest of the world to fuel our inspiration

Our brand values are:

Fun - Inquisitive, Imaginative Creative, Energetic, & Exciting!

Style - Contemporary, pop colours & prints, not a slave to fashion, youthful in spirit, style never ages

Value for money - Great looking product at a great price: Save on luggage, spend on flights

Quality - We produce long-lasting, durable product that meets our own high standards - we don’t compromise on quality


We are confident, cheeky, social and happy. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are very serious about our products and our commitment to you.

Our values, brand philosophy and approach to product sets us apart from the competition, and creates a more vibrant, friendly, fun-loving experience!

Travel is at our core, but suitcases are what we do. We create soft and hard cases that keep weight, size and durability top of mind, and offer the best and brightest solution for the traveller, whatever their journey.

Colour and print are in our design DNA, but we love to experiment by adding extra little touches, like inspirational messages sewn inside, to make our cases more fun. We also name our products after the far-flung destinations that inspire us, and people love to visit

We believe we have something for every fashion lover of every generation so get exploring!


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